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Ballroom Dance Camp features a group of highly qualified instructors to make your learning experience top notch. Intensive daily lessons in a variety of dances are followed by review sessions to practice and integrate what you have learned. Our instructors also offer private instruction outside of the scheduled camp activities for those who are interested.

Ballroom Staff Biographies

Peggi Morrow: Peggi is co founder and dance director of Ballroom Dance Camp. In addition to her work with our dance camp, Peggi is manager and owner of the Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio in Portsmouth, NH. She started her ballroom dance training with the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Columbia, SC in 1981. Certified in the Bronze Syllabus, she taught several years there attending and competing with her students at regional and national competitions. Her jazz training has added to her understanding of movement. After several years with the Astaire system, Peggi taught social classes at the University of SC for their evening program and the Physical Education Dept. Upon moving to NH, Peggi taught Latin classes with the continuing Education Dept @ UNH. She joined the Portsmouth Ballroom staff in 1995 and has been teaching social dance there ever since.

Neil  J. Duncan: Neil lives in Columbus, OH where he spends his time instructing and coaching at Dance Plus Ballroom. He is a DVIDA certified instructor with thorough knowledge and experience in teaching Smooth, Rhythm, Standard, or Latin style dances. Neil grew up performing on stages around the globe with song/dance troupes in high school and college. He gradually fell more in love with dancing than singing, (you don’t want to hear him sing anymore!) and pursued dancing as a career having taught ballroom dances for over 5 years. His experience in explaining music and teaching choreography really sets him apart as a teacher.

Mandy Ball: Mandy has been teaching ballroom dancing for over 30 years. She owned two studios in New   England before moving to Florida. Mandy is a Fellow with the USISTD in Ballroom dancing and also holds Licentiate degrees in the Smooth and Rhythm styles of dancing. She is currently the USISTD Examinations Director. She trains both professional and amateur dancers for social and competitive dancing as well as for dance examinations.  Mandy teaches the level 5 class at Ballroom Dance Camp and has been involved since its beginning.

Luci Hamilton: Lucianne Hamilton lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband four stepchildren, and her new baby.  She professionally competed in American Smooth with John Willoughby for a number of years.  She currently teaches ballroom dance and performs in theaters in the Charlotte vicinity.  Lucy has completed a star performance as Mary Poppins in a theatrical production of “Mary Poppins”.  She has also played Cruella Deville in the production of “101 Dalmatians”.   She has taken some time from theater but will be resuming theater in September. Lucy is most excited to once again join Ballroom Dance Camp.

Debra (Debbie) Roy:  Debbie Roy fulfilled a lifelong dream when she became a professional ballroom dance instructor in 1993.  She co-owns her own studio, Maine Ballroom Dance with Guy Nowlan, her lifelong partner in her native Portland, Maine.  Debbie has trained with famous professionals including Mandy Ball, Edward Simon, Jean-Marc Genereux, and Esther Don.  Debbie teaches in both American as well as International styles of ballroom dancing.  She also creates choreographies for wedding couples and Formation Dance Teams.  Debbie was selected as the lead ballroom dance instructor for the University of Southern Maine.  She travels extensively, sharing her love of dancing through adult education programs at schools and colleges throughout the state.  She indulges in any style of dancing but Waltzes, Tangos, Sambas, and Cha-Chas have remained her favorites over the years.

Jim “The Hammer” Hardesty: Ballroom Dance captured me in 1991 when I was lucky enough to marry my teenage sweet heart eighteen years after we went our separate ways after High School.

Little did this Building Contractor and Motor Cycle Racer know he would be marrying one of the best ballroom coaches possible, thereby entering the “Ballroom Zone”. With it Ballroom Competition, Shows, Repertory Formation Teams, Training seminars and still my personal favorite, just being the one that everyone wants to dance with on Saturday night. With the training from Mandy Ball and the coaches she would bring to Maine and then Orlando, Florida: the likes of Edward I stepped right into Competing.  Doing so requires good training and lots of practice. The perfect set up for reaching my true passion of being “Mr. Saturday Night”.

Dancing as both an Amateur and Pro- Am Competitor in the four disciplines (American Smooth and Rhythm, International Standard and Latin), over a period of twelve years, the next logical direction would be to work on Teacher Certification Training with the U.S.I.S.T.D. (after all I’m married to one of the top trainers in the U.S.).  Now, some eight years later, I hold Dual Licentiate certification in American Smooth and Rhythm, and am currently working towards International Latin degrees.

Teaching over the past six years has allowed me to further expand my dancing horizons.  Discovering a new passion for passing on this treasure trove of information, to hard working students that find themselves joyously bitten by the Ballroom Dance Bug, was one of the unforeseen rewards.

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